Odeko & Machi-musume

Create with the heart, build with the mind.
- Criss Jami 
Odeko and Machi-musume
(Forehead and Japanese traditional town girls)

It's a wonderful site!

Kurobe Dam(黒部ダム)
URL: https://www.kurobe-dam.com

Bad soil make for great wine.

Kurobe Dam(黒部ダム)
URL: https://www.kurobe-dam.com

Bad soil make for great wine.

Ax, chopping wood.

JFE Steel Corporation

Mine/Cave Diving and Exploration
UK Mine/Cave Diving and Exploration
©D'Arcy Foley

The banded ironstone
iAMsafari, Karijini National park, Joffre Gorge–Jijingunha

A line of fire turns brown grass into black earth.
Dan Charles/NPR

Ceremonial bonfire / 送り火 (Okuri-bi)

Oirase Stream / 奥入瀬渓流 (Oirase keiryu)
I took this picture about 10 years ago.

Fig: Gogyo-SoSho
Fig: Gogyo-SoKoku

I made this figure today.
My name is Yoshitaka Nakamura.
Thank you.

A girl carrying a backpack riding a bicycle
Author Unknown
Reference: https://www.pinterest.jp/pin/809944314206755792/

"A girl riding a bicycle"

 In my daily life, I sometimes see such a woman. I like her natural style. I do not know the author of this picture nor the original meaning. I wonder there are popularity of "bicycle girls" today?

Illustrated by Mizusu
Reference: "Mizusu HP"
URL: http://mizusu99.tumblr.com

 I thought "This illustration is something nice", so I introduce you this illustration. Unique blue of her school uniform is impressive. I guess that this color has the effect of tightening the feelings that have floated. I think that it expresses the "solemnity of life".
Simple picture illustrated by Mizusu
Illustrated by Mizusu
Reference: "Mizusu HP"
URL: http://mizusu99.tumblr.com
 I feel this simple picture something nice. Like old style, like modern style.. The simplicity of this picture makes me feel charm in this picture rather.
I feel that there are many rainy days this year.
A summer woman
Illustrated by Soichiro Yamamoto
Reference: "Yamamoto Soichiro graffiti storage place"

"A summer woman"

 Season is summer, place is swimming pools, and a girl with ponytail. What on earth are she staring at with those two eyes?
53 Stations of the Tokaido 00 Tokyo
53 Stations of the Tokaido 00 Tokyo
53 Stations of the Tōkaidō (Nihonbashi, Tokyo), By Hiroshige Utagawa
URL: https://www.benricho.org
 Although I am an amateur, I think that I introduced Japan's old roads. If possible, I would like to introduce the Ōshu-Kaido(From Tokyo to Fukushima Prefecture).
Today, I received a digital illustrator ordered with amazon.
Opening of Digital Illustrator: Outer Box
This is the outer case. I feel a bit embarrassed by the picture on the outer box.

Opening of Digital Illustrator: Open box
This is the state that opened the box. It is just like "drawing tool set".

Opening of Digital Illustrator: Main unit and peripheral device
This is the main unit and peripheral equipment. Very fashionable!

"Intuos Comic S"

(Go to Amazon)
 Now, I am convinced that I can post illustrations I drew on my site with this drawing tools.
 Today is also an introduction of Mr. Yoichiro Yamamoto's "graffiti". This site is almost a fan site of Soichiro Yamamoto now...
A school girl who suits well for spats
"Yamamoto Takeichiro graffiti storage place"

"A school girl looking good on wearing spats"

 She is also wearing school-designated shoes fashionably. And she poses with not a V sign but a rock-scissors-paper.
A woman drinking a strawberry shake at a tank top
"Yamamoto Takeichiro graffiti storage place"

"A woman drinking a shake with a tank top"

 A woman who drinks a shake while indulging in thought. The shoulder strap of her tank top is falling.
A woman's engineer
Reprinted by Mr. Yoichiro Yamamoto's "graffiti"

"A woman's engineer"

Her goggles are so cool!
"Yume(dream)" By Kuronokuro
P-1 GRANDPRIX 2012, Pixiv
 I think that I would like to work in such an office. Also, I think that I want to make this office more organized.
Curly hair girl
Illustrated by Yoichiro Yamamoto

"A curly hair girl"

 I was attracted to this picture in the same way. I think that I felt charm on curly hair.